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Join a league and bowl with friends or make some new ones! It's a great way to relax and unwind after a long day at work!

Email A League Specialist Below and We Can Help You Find The Perfect League!  Fill out our Email contact form below.

Join A Summer Bowling League

Summer leagues at Port Jeff Bowl are every bit as much fun as our winter leagues and are available 7 Days A Week.  We offer summer leagues for all  bowlers no matter what your skill level.  Summer leagues are a great way to keep your game sharp, maintain the social aspect of that league night out, or you can join a league as a beginner and get ready for the fall leagues.  Whatever your reason, Port Jeff Bowl has what you are looking for.  We have leagues for competitive bowlers, families, seniors, kids, etc.  League Bowlers can bowl up to 10 games a day at significantly discounted rates daily whenever lanes are available. Bowl in 1 League and pay $2.50 for practice. Bowl in 2 Leagues and Bowl for FREE!  Bowling is a year round sport and summer is a great time to bowl.  Call us or stop in for information on our summer leagues. 

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Join A 2018 Fall Bowling League & Get Into The Action

Guet into our Bowling Leagues and knock 'em down! Port Jeff Bowl hosts over 30 different bowling leagues for all skill levels, schedules and age groups.  We pride ourselves in hosting one of the longest standing consistent league customer bases on Long Island.  Many of our customers started bowling with us in one of our youth bowling leagues and now compete within our Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Leagues. League bowlers receive open play bowling discounts every day to enable our customers to develop their skills and have fun.  When you bowl in 3 Leagues per week you bowl FREE!  If you're currently a part of the action, make sure you register for the upcoming season with your team. Want to get involved in the fun? Call and speak with one of our league specialists at 631-473-3300.

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Competitive Leagues

Monday Perfect Fit Doubles Sponsored By Ebonite Iternational 

Monday @ 8:30pm
Starts June 4th

2 per team

Tuesday Early Trios

Tuesday @ 6:15pm
Starts May 15th

3 per team

Station Auto Parts

Thursday @ 8:30pm
Starts May 31st

3 per team

Adult Sport Shot Singles

Sunday @ 6:30pm
Starts June 10th

1 per team

Senior Leagues

Monday Red Pin Combo - Not A League

Monday @ 12:30pm OnGoing

1 per team $11.00

Wednesday Mixed Seniors

Wenesday @ 12:30pm Starts May 16th

3 per team $12.00

Friday Mixed Seniors

Friday @ 12:30pm Starts May 18th

3 per team $12.00


Mixed Leagues

Monday Summer Doubles No-Tap Fun League

Monday at 6:30pm
Starts June 11th

2 per team

Tuesday Night Mixed League

Monday @ 6:15pm
Starts May 15th

2 per team

Wednesday Night Mixed League

Wednesday @ 6:30pm - Practice at 6:15pm
Starts May 23rd

4 per team

Paint Night Mixed League

Wednesday @ 6:30pm
Starts June 6th

3 per team

31 Chereb Ln
Port Jefferson Station,
NY 11776
(631) 473-3300